Some Tips On Choosing A Small Window Curtain

Some Tips On Choosing A Small Window Curtain

Small window curtain is usually mounted on the window. Length is usually between 24” to 108”. Sizes vary from x 52″, x 84″, x50″ and x 63″. The material is Polyester Blend, Cotton Blend, Linen Blend, faux silk, Bamboo and others. One function is as a deterrent curtain in the room so that the activity is not visible or just the barrier. Other functions are also able to prevent the entry of sunlight into the room. Strong sunlight can interfere with the comfort of the occupants in the room can also damage furniture around it.

The following are some tips in choosing a small window curtain design:

1. Identify the theme of your room. In this stage, you should be more sensitive to the theme of your room (whether it’s a themed design classic, traditional, minimalist, modern traditional, futuristic, etc.). If at the beginning of the planning room design theme has been determined, then this will greatly facilitate in the selection of the type of curtain in each room.

2. for a minimalist-style room. This curtain fitting made of plain cloth (not patterned) or motive small so that the fabric looks “clean”. Or the type and color of the curtains with motifs that is simple with simple or by using natural colors are solid.

3. At this stage, you have to recognize the appeal chamber will find in the room. It’s intended that you choose not to collide or compete with the destination, so it would not seem impressive harmony and crowded.

4. Look for reference. Reference will help you to give an idea what kind of curtain will support room. Thus providing information about the desire for the effect you want generated and as a discussion with curtain specialists.

5. Determine the type of curtain. In addition to filtering the sunlight and dust, curtain are decorative elements that support the beauty of the room design.

There are many ways to make the house be beautiful by using a small window curtain. If you want to see your home is perfect, you have to really pay attention to all the details of every part of your home. You must update any damaged parts. You also have to add something that makes the house look so beautiful. Such as adding curtain on the doors and windows.

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