8 Steps To Clean The Persian Carpet

8 Steps To Clean The Persian Carpet

The carpet is a floor surface coating that susceptible to dirt. Dirt not just dust that is inhaled by the vacuum cleaner is clean. If the stain is not easy to remove, then you have to wash it. To clean the Persian carpet also requires some effective ways so that the carpet was not young fragile. If washing with water does not dry quickly due to the thickness of the carpet. Some ways you can apply so that the carpet is not damaged by cleaning the old one. Irregularities in the washing can cause the carpet be easily damaged.

There are several ways you can do to clean your Persian carpet in order to maintain the quality and surface motif rug so as not to fade. How to include:

1.    Clean the carpet in advance of the dust. You can use a vacuum cleaner that you have.

2.    Move the carpet to place wide for easy wash. It is what you do outside the home which allows it to wash this carpet.

3.    Use a water hose to flush the entire carpet.

4.     Melt the soap with a dose that is sufficient for the size of this carpet.

5.    Brush the entire section to the corner of the carpet. Use a brush with soft bristles so as not to damage the surface of the carpet.

6.    Rinse the carpet with cold water.

7.    Use a squeegee to remove excess water.

8.    Dry the carpet by using a dryer or you can exploit sunlight to dry.

Maintaining the cleanliness of Persian carpet also requires the right way in order to make not damaged. With excessive water in the washing, it can also cause color fading carpet. In the drying process should also pay attention to time. If you let the carpet dry in a long time will result in material damage. Carpet material will be crisp and not as soft as usual. For the above manner will be quite helpful in washing the carpet with size width and thickness. Way above also can keep the carpet can last longer.

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