Build Your Own Overhead Garage Storage

Build Your Own Overhead Garage Storage

Almost everyone deal with the problem about the condition their garage such as messy condition of the garage or stuff that is often irregularly spread in the garage. Messy condition in the garage can be very annoying for the residents. Overhead garage storage is one great idea to overcome the problem about messy garage, and this is pretty simple solution because you can build your own overhead garage storage by yourself!

First, you’ll to know the exact measure of the spacious room of the garage, because that will be very important to visualize how big your overhead garage storage can be made. You can maximize the space in your garage if you already determine the height of your car or motorcycle and height of the ceiling. You will have gives some space between the bottom part of the shelf and the top of your car. Don’t forget to build another frame from below the shelf to make it more solid.

To make a good and solid overhead garage storage at least you will need some important materials such as plywood, lumber, brackets, metal studs and paint if you want to customize your shelf with some colors. Don’t forget some tools such as screwdriver, wooden saw, wrenches, and ratchets because without those things you will not be able to make your own garage storage.

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